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> Tabs... In addition to the points Mike made about the tab
> character having
> different semantics depending on the application/platform, I
> just don't
> think a control character like tab belongs in a *.TXT file
> period.

        This is long past the point of opinion, however. Tabs in text files
are an implementation fact, long past the point of discussion.

> Although
> UNIHAN.TXT is referred to as a database, it isn't.

        Yes, it is. Plain text databases are far more common than most
people realize. The awk tool exists solely to work with them.

> Unix -vs- DOS... I'll stick with the tools I've been using
> for a quarter century
> and their descendants, thanks just the same.

        Hmmm? You know that doesn't narrow it down any...

> With respect to
> the idea that a
> text editor is not the proper tool with which to open a *.TXT
> file, well...

        I think you misunderstand. I believe the point was that text files
are not universally fully interoperable. Another fact of implementation,
especially when it comes to large files or files with long lines.

> I could send you the CSV file for posting, if you think
> anyone else would
> want it.

        Give 'em the conversion script, not the CSV file!

> Doug Ewell wrote,
> > And as John said, converting LF to CRLF is quite a simple
> task -- it can
> > even be done by your FTP client, while downloading the file -- and
> > should not be thought of as a deficiency in the current plain-text
> > format.
> Right. It's not a deficiency, it simply adds one more step
> to a multi-step
> process for some of us.

        That step is unnecessary. A little more research on your tools will
eliminate it.

> In order to see non-Latin characters in the DOS-window of
> Windows, it's
> necessary to install a "console font" covering the
> characters, and then
> activate (or enable) that font for the "console window". Everson Mono
> Terminal should work fine for non-Han characters which don't require
> complex shaping.

        I found Everson Mono, but not Everson Mono Terminal. Am I looking
in the wrong place?


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