Re: Dorsey's Turned C-cedilla

From: John Cowan (
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 06:53:42 CDT

D. Starner scripsit:

> But he also uses a turned c-cedilla. Should it be encoded as a new character


> Or should a turned combining cedilla be encoded,

Not if this is the only use of it, I think.

> or is U+0312 just that?

It's similar, but the combining class of U+0312 is 230, indicating that
it is a detached diacritic rather than attached like a cedilla.
If it were attached, it would belong to the currently empty combining
class 214.

> (If it were my language, I wouldn't be happy with
> U+0312, but I doubt anyone is attached enough to Dorsey's orthography to
> care about the difference.)

Not even Dorsey, it seems; his field notes are in a different orthography
altogether, and the "Dorsey orthography" of his publications was
apparently imposed on him by the BAE and its printers.

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