Unicode support

From: R.C. Bakhuizen van den Brink [Rein] (dziewon@xs4all.nl)
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 13:04:34 CDT

thanks Tom,

the issue is that there is no issue - it's a 'fait accompli' -
at least within this group.

As you said, ISO-8859-2 would be fine for Polish [Mac CE and
Windows CE are not the same, all aogonek display as sacute to
name a few problems]. But that is still a 8-bits encoding.
And that's how it's gonna be for a long time notwithstanding
the drive the 21-bits people exert.

In my neighbourhood most printing works still rely on PostScript
fonts - whether they're prejudiced or not- and don't want to use
the Unicode enhanced TrueType's. The typographical superiority of
PS is obvious to them, and OpenType would be a bridge too far.

My issue would be that within Western-Europe [or the US] there is no
acceptance for anything but ISO-8859-1 [or rather the Win 1252 variant]
so a first step would be a 16-bits encoding [which is what M$ offered in
Word [8] c.s.] Alas, Unicode pandits have left for 21-odd bits or more.
In the mean time having devised normalised forms which means that all
precomposed is to be deprecated sooner [rather] or/than later.

The gap is getting bigger and bigger between the ordinary users in the
Latin script world and what I called the Unicode Avantgarde. They do
realize this of course but are so convinced that theirs is the only way...

groetjes, Rein

On Wed, 5 May 2004, Tom Gewecke wrote:
>>In the mean time, reading the USENET Polish 'ogonki' list I cannot escape the
>>feeling that only 1 person there has seen the Unicode Light, and all the rest
>>is struggling a daily fight against the programmes that they need to work
>>for them,
>>but that cannot cope with Unicode/ISO 10646. The Dutch Polish community
>>[some 30.000 and growing thanks to the UE] has already
>>given up using 'ogonki' in a social environment that doesn't need any
>>and considers me pointing at that 'misbehaviour' as hostile as possible.
>I'm not sure I understand the issue correctly, but I don't believe correct
>Polish needs Unicode support. Mac OS 9 (and I assume older Windows) has
>always been able to do Polish just fine, it comes with the necessary fonts
>and keyboards and uses the encoding Latin-2 (or Mac CE or Windows CE,
>basically the same I think). Regards, Tom

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