Re: v and u positional variants (Re: New contribution)

Date: Thu May 06 2004 - 11:13:37 CDT

Patrick Andries scripsit:

> The same is true for huit (8) / vit (he lives or virile member) , huitre
> (oyster) / vitre (window pane), huis (door) / vis (you (sing.) live,
> live ! or screw), etc.

Similarly, English final -u/v was always interpreted as u, so phonetically
final v had to be written -ue/ve, as in "loue" for love, though the vowel
is short, not long as would usually be the case with silent final -e. The
equally unetymological o in the word has the same explanation: "luue" would
read as "lwe".

John Cowan
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