Re: Arid Canaanite Wasteland (was: Re: New contribution)

From: E. Keown (
Date: Thu May 06 2004 - 13:14:10 CDT

           Elaine Keown --- Tucson
>I do see that Deborah Anderson has posted a request for comments on the
>Phoenician proposal (appended below) to some Ancient Near Eastern email
>lists to which I subscribe. I think this is a great idea, except for the
>request that all responses be sent to her or to two officials of the
>Unicode Consortium. I would have preferred that the readers be directed
>to the Unicode Hebrew email list or encouraged to discuss the topic
>openly on the Ancient Near Eastern lists. Open discussion is much more
>helpful and more efficient than isolated responses.

I totally agree with Dean Snyder on this. I think complete openness is
essential if we are to genuinely capture the true opinion of the epigraphers---
Dean Snyder is the only Semitic epigrapher within Unicode so far---

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