Re: any unicode conversion tools?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 07:08:04 CDT

From: "Chan Fook Sheng" <>
> I am looking for unicode, utf-8 coonversion tools for windows platform,
> but can't find any on the web.
> can anyone direct me to some links?
> for example: the "/" character is 47 in decimal, 2F in hex.
> it can be represented in UTF-8 format as:
> 1 byte: still 2F
> 2 bytes: C0 AF (illegal)
> 3 bytes: E0 80 AF (illegal)

Thanks for keeping the indication that the last two are illegal with UTF-8. But
you should have better never listed them (even if there still exists some legacy
converters that will accept them, no one should generate them). Note also that
UTF-8 encoded sequences can be up to 5 bytes long...

A free converter tool exists in the Java SDK for Windows: look for
Also, GNU tools are ported to Windows (see "recode") or within Unix emulation
layers for Windows (see also "recode" in Cygwin, or in the AT&T Korn Shell tools
for Windows).

But Windows 2000/XP also has such a basic tool bundled in the standard
installation: Notepad (however it's not made to be automated in scripts, unlike
"native2ascii" or "recode".)

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