RE: any unicode conversion tools?

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 08:44:36 CDT

> I am looking for unicode, utf-8 coonversion tools for windows
> but can't find any on the web.

You haven't indicated whether what you want is
- a library you can call in compiled code
- a library you can script
- a standalone tool

You also haven't said what you want to convert to or from -- UTF16?
legacy encodings?

If you need a standalone tool, then it also matters what file format
your data currently is in. If it's plain text, then something as mundane
as Notepad or even Word can convert between UTF-8, UTF-16 or legacy
encodings for you. Notepad is more limited in terms of legacy encodings
since its only legacy-encoding option is the default system codepage.

There are other standalone tools out there, though what to recommend may
depend on your particular needs. SIL's TECkit tool
is great if you need to define your own custom legacy encoding.

If what you need is a library you can call from compiled code,
MultiByteToWideChar or WideCharToMultiByte using CP_UTF8 as the
"codepage" parameter does what you need.

If you are creating a managed app or using a scripting language that can
talk to the .Net framework and you know the framework will be installed
on the target system, you can use the System.Text.UTF8Encoding class.

Peter Constable

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