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Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 09:00:41 CDT

Patrick Andries wrote at 9:52 AM on Friday, May 7, 2004:

>Dean Snyder a écrit :
>>Of course. But that does not make tagged text a minefield - in the
>>absence of your nice Phoenician font Hebrew would show up instead -
>>precisely what is used by and large by Semiticists right now.
>[PA] I also got this feedback from Lionel Galand (of Tifinagh and Libyan
>fame) about Punic : «Je peux vous dire que j'ai souvent travaillé sur
>des répertoires de documents puniques qui étaient publiés en caractères
>hébraïques. »

This could be multiplied a hundredfold.


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