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Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 09:14:48 CDT

From: "Philippe Verdy" <>

> And my comment here was not about Microsoft should manage its business

<snip the rest>

Its still offtopic. Please take it to "" or whatever
other forum you feel might be appropriate. :-)

Once a thread goes "bad" it is hard to convert it back into something good,
which is why people from Microsoft might be hesitant to respond to Raymond's
attempt to get it back on topic. Now if Phillippe ignores the above and
spews a long MS-bashing response back at me about evil business practies, I
will wish that I had been as wise as my colleagues.... :(

I am not on the IE team and thus cannot speak for them, but as far as I can
see if you use the conformant W3C method of specifying the font to use, you
will see both Extension A and Extension B characters. This whole sloppy
complaint relates to what a browser does by default if you ask to display
the text using "Arial" (or whatever) and the font does not have the glyphs.
While I could wish such a feature would work for all scripts, I do not lose
too much sleep over the lack since most fonts do not support Extension A,
and even if you have fonts that do you almost certainly want one best-suited
to the appropriate language. If you have bunch of conformant browsers then
all you have to do is list out your font preferences across various
platforms and you will be certain to get what you are looking for. The
"hack" registry keys are an interim solution to people who want that
"automatic font fallback" support and is hardly the best way to do this even
if it worked well.

I would strongly recommend that anyone who suspects there is a problem try
the above prior to posting again -- there is way too much agreement about
the terrible nature of a problem that for all practical purposes is not
really a problem. And for myself I would rather concentrate of actual issues
since every false MS-bashing complaint weakens the ability to find and
respond to real complaints.

As for GB18030 -- if the government of China feels the support is adequate,
seems good enough to me. Can we let it lie now? Anyone who has problems
should likely take it up with China and not Microsoft.

Also, note about statements of misfact:

-- Extension A is on the BMP.

MichKa [MS]
NLS Collation/Locale/Keyboard Development
Globalization Infrastructure and Font Technologies

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