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Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 09:17:12 CDT

Mark E. Shoulson wrote at 9:42 AM on Friday, May 7, 2004:

>Dean Snyder wrote:
>>We need EXPLICIT reasons to justify a new encoding. Just saying
>>that somebody wants it in XML because their font won't show up is
>>insufficient justification, especially when the repercussions in the
>>scholarly communities who actually use this stuff could be disruptive.
>See posts by Deborah Anderson and Paul James Cowie. Is that enough? Or
>are they not expert enough or something?

I've read and responded to their emails here. I do not impugne their
expertise; we just disagree on this issue.

Obviously one can find experts on both sides of this debate. My hope is
that the encoding experts will make the right decision based on input
from various experts.

Having said that, I do not recall anyone, still promoting this proposal,
having addressed some of the more serious specific objections I, and
others, have raised. For example, even in this email response of yours,
you did not address the one specific issue I raised concerning competing
encodings in Dead Sea Biblical scrolls. This would be a real issue in a
VERY ACTIVE field of research; and as such it should not just be glossed
over, or even ignored, in the decision-making process.


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