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Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 12:48:14 CDT

On 06/05/2004 19:21, Mark E. Shoulson wrote:

> Playing hide and seek on the graveyards wrote:
>> Are those mere Italian pounds or Israeli pounds of 100 agora?
>> For the value of the agora see 1 Sam. 2:36
> Israel stopped using Israeli pounds in 1980. (well, they started
> using Sheqels then; pounds (lira) were still legal tender until 1984.)
> ~mark
And Italy stopped using pounds or lira more than two years ago. But they
are still used in Turkey. So let's say the bet is in Turkish lira. I'll
accept a 20 Turkish lira bet on almost anything, because there are well
over a million of them to the US dollar.

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