Re: TR35 (was: Standardize TimeZone ID

Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 17:22:10 CDT

Carl W. Brown scripsit:

> So which timezone will the tr_TR locale in a TR35 database have?
> "Asia/Istanbul" or "Europe/Istanbul" or both?


> I guess that the territory possessions list should be an another
> database that is merged.

I think they should be in the same database. Guam is a territory, but Hawaii
is integral: all the French overseas departments are integral. Simplest to
treat everything as integral.

John Cowan
If a soldier is asked why he kills people who have done him no harm, or a
terrorist why he kills innocent people with his bombs, they can always
reply that war has been declared, and there are no innocent people in an
enemy country in wartime.  The answer is psychotic, but it is the answer
that humanity has given to every act of aggression in history.  --Northrop Frye

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