Re: Thai Fongman and Khmer Phnek Moan

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 18:43:11 CDT

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    > What little
    > I know about the phnek moan makes it seem peculiar that its Line Break
    > class is NS. Is there truly a distinction between how these two characters
    > are used in their respective scripts that makes this difference warranted,


    > or is this a possible error in the standard


    > that deserves official scrutiny?

    Certainly, if it is wrong.

    By the way, this is the kind of thing which *can* be fixed in
    the standard, if shown to be problematical.

    This deserves some research by people who know something about
    how these characters do in fact behave in line-breaking, and
    then, if a change is in order, a documented proposal explaining
    the problem and the suggested fix could be submitted to the
    UTC for consideration.


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