Re: Japanese line breaks (was: interleaved ordering)

From: Tom Emerson (
Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 21:38:46 CDT

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    Philippe Verdy writes:
    > From: "Stefan Persson" <>
    > > In Japanese you can put a line break between *any* characer, except
    > > before punctuation & end quote or after start quote.
    > Are you SURE of that? I had many negative comments about undesirable line breaks
    > in the middle of what is perceived as a single word, and where a single Kana
    > moved to the next line was seen as bad, notably when it is a particle.
    > I had similar comments from Korean users with Hangul.

    We've found an amazing amount of variation in where breaks occur on
    text live on the web... breaks show up everywhere and anywhere, to the
    point where our Japanese morphological analyzer has to ignore
    whitespace (horizontal and vertical) in many situations.(*)

    There is a JIS standard for line breaking, though I don't have a copy
    of it here at home right now. I can look up the "official" rules
    tomorrow if people are interested.


    (*) The worst case we've seen was the use of katanana and hiragana in
        "ASCII" art, Picasso's Guarnica to be exact. Gave our analyzer a
        real fit for a while.

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