RE: OT: which email client [was TR35]

From: Jony Rosenne (
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 10:15:46 CDT

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    Bidi support in Outlook Express is inadequate. This makes it less than
    perfect for me.


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    > > > Jony Rosenne wrote:
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    > > > >Mozilla's main value is for non-Windows platforms.
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    > > > And for people who are unimpressed by Outlook's security track
    > > > record.
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    > > The main reason I spoke of the Outlook addiction
    > Outlook was done for enterprise-level management of forms and
    > collaboration on common sets of documents. Its extension to
    > Internet was ill-advized, and people using it for Internet
    > should reconsider their choice, when Outlook Express is a
    > completely different product, which is just scaled to do the
    > right thing with little interaction with enterprise applications.
    > If you're at home or working alone, there's absolutely no
    > need to use Outlook (not Outlook Express, whose name should
    > really be made more distinctive... why not simply Internet
    > Explorer Mail?)
    > > Mozilla-based email systems use plain mbox/Eudora format, which at
    > > least maintains the emails in a way that's easy to understand.
    > >
    > > Me, I use mutt. GUI-based mail clients are just too slow.
    > True for Mozilla Mail, true for Outlook: both are using too
    > much resource. But not true for Outlook Express which is
    > nearly perfect for what it does with simple options.
    > However I am still disappointed by the way it handles the
    > quoting; security in Outlook Express is much stronger than in
    > Outlook, and with SP2, preview will be much more secure
    > without being required to view all mails in plain-text format
    > only. I am very pleased to see that Microsoft has accepted to
    > incldue security features in Outlook Express for managing
    > incoming emails, because this is the product recommanded
    > instead of Outlook for handling emails from the Internet.
    > Outlook should have its separate usage (without any
    > configuration of email accounts on the Internet, but possibly
    > on private internal servers), and its integration of internet
    > mail has always been poor.
    > I see Outlook only as a client for Exchange Server. As
    > Exchange Server should not be used for unsecured Internet
    > mails too, Outlook is not a bad product. It is just not used
    > as it should be. If you don't have any Exchange Server, there
    > should be no usage of Outlook, and in fact Outlook should
    > better be removed from Office and placed within the arena of
    > Exchange Server.

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