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Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 10:00:26 CDT

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    In this case I don't understand Peter C's comment, unless he has made
    the same mistake as me. When he wrote:

    >I think one's track record in making judgments on boundary cases is
    >established only after having successfully dealt with boundary cases --
    >and enough to establish a level of confidence.

    I was saying in general that we haven't faced that many edge cases, and
    not all of the (e.g. the Kurdish) are even resolved. So, I don't know
    that there is even a collective track record, let alone any individual
    track record. (Note that I made a point of not addressing the comment
    specifically to Michael or of quoting any of his msg.)

    I did not intend this as a troll to invite others to use as a basis for
    attacking Michael. In retrospect, I now regret that I posted it, and I
    wish to apologize to Michael for having contributed to an ad hominem
    attack against him in that way.

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