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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 11:16:31 CDT

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    From: "Kent Karlsson" <>
    > > > Featural Syllabaries: Ethiopic, Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics,
    > Hangul
    > Que? Hangul is an alphabetic script with (orthographic and
    > typographic) syllabic grouping of the letters (into squares).
    > There have been experiments writing Hangul "linearly", and
    > then it is a plain alphabet.

    I agree with this but Kent's meaning of "featural" is probably refering to this
    feature of Hangul of grouping letters into square syllables. There's not much
    feature here as the composition rules (horizontal/vertical layout of clusters)
    for Hangul are wellknown. What is meant here is probably the concept of
    "grapheme clusters", with which Hangul acts as a true syllabary (for rendering),
    even if it is easily decomposable into letters.

    THe square layout of Hangul is not more arbitrary than the horizontal
    left-to-right layout of Latin, or the horizontal right-to-left layout of Latin.
    What is missing in Unicode with Hangul is a joining type for each composed L, V
    or T letter (jamo) that demonstrate how to compose letters into compound
    squares. This data is informative only in TUS which also forgets that some
    encoded jamos are themselves composed. When you see that, the Hangul script
    becomes easy to learn for readers and writers. The Hangul script is much simpler
    than what you could figure out by just looking at the normative charts of
    representative glyphs.

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