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From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 06:52:16 CDT

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    > >(The Thai letters in turn derive from the Khmer letters...
    > That's not correct.

    Just to check that it is not just *my* imagination that is running wild... ;-) says:
    The Thai alphabet is probably derived from the Old Khmer (อักขระเขมร) script"...

    and says:
    The writing system of Lao is an abugida and is closely related to the writing system used in Thai. says:
    The Lao alphabet is therefore essentially the same as the modern Thai alphabet, the most
    obvious difference being in the shape or style of the letters. If you can read Lao you can
    make out the meanings of many Thai words, ... says:
    The Khmer alphabet closely resembles the Thai and Lao alphabets, which were developed from it.

    Just a final quote on Lao from
    The scholars adapted an early version of the Thai script, which was developed from the
    Old Khmer script, which was itself based on Mon scripts.

    So ok, substitute /Khmer/ to /Old Khmer/, and /Thai/ to /early Thai/...

    Just looking at the scripts, their letters, accents/tone marks, and ordering
    also reveals their similarities.

    So I did not grab my statements out of the air...

                    /kent k

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