Re: interleaved ordering (was RE: Phoenician)

From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 08:21:04 CDT

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    D. Starner wrote:

    >>>If the input is in
    >>>multiple (Indic) scripts, and let's assume that the audience
    >>>(which may be a single person just asking for an sorted list
    >>>of his/her files) can read the Indic scripts used, it may be
    >>>helpful to interleave. (But I will not push this.)
    >> Now let's asume that person can't read all the scripts. Then they
    >>get lots of unintelligible garbage in their sort. This, and the upside is
    >>"may be helpful". Which side did you say you're making the case for?
    >Garbage in, garbage out. If you didn't want unintelligible garbage in the
    >output, you shouldn't have put it in the input, and no sort procedure is
    >going to remove it. The user that can't read all the scripts is not an
    >interesting person here, because it doesn't really matter to them if the
    >garbage is interfiled or at the end.
    Yeah it does. If I can only read some of the text, then when I'm
    interested in looking it up I want that script all together, not with
    gibberish in-between. I'd much rather have the scribbles I can't read
    off to the side where they won't bother me.


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