Re: UTF-8 nitpicking (was: RE: any unicode conversion tools?)

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 16:02:48 CDT

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    John Cowan asked:

    > Tell us, O Keen-Eyed Peerer Into The Future: is there any hope that
    > the code space above 10FFFF will ever be removed from 10646, so that
    > the "Unicode's a subset of 10646" meme can be stomped once and for
    > all? I grow weary of explaining this pointless difference.

    Anything is possible, given geologic timescales.

    I know some people who would love to go into 10646 and rip
    out the anachronistic figures showing the architecture for
    Groups 01 to 7F and the supplementary planes past Plane 10.
    Heck, *I* would love to do it.

    But realistically, it isn't worth the hassle to attempt it.
    It will probably require the current generation of standardizers
    to all retire, first. The next generation of maintainers will
    someday look at the document and say to themselves, "Why are
    we keeping this silliness in the standard?" and rip it all
    out -- long past the point that anyone really cares about the
    issue. But that will be precisely why they will be able to
    accomplish such a revision.


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