RE: interleaved ordering (was RE: Phoenician)

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 16:50:53 CDT

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    > > One normalization script could be used any number of times. Clip,
    > >normalize, sort - repeat as necessary.
    > Multiply that times the number of independent researchers and separate
    > projects...

    ... and you get a thousand different requirements, each of which
    should be addressed with appropriate levels of programming tools.

    What gives you the slightest hope that *every* researcher's
    particular needs for searching and sorting can be baked into
    some *default* collation element weighting table? The whole point
    is to provide a mechanism for people to *tailor* it as they choose
    to meet *different* requirements.

    By the way, Perl is God's gift to academic researchers.

    > Why make something we do all the time more difficult and non-standard,
    > when what we do now works very well?

    Nobody plans to take away your rights and ability to continue
    doing what you now do, if it works very well for you. Please,
    sir, continue doing what you are doing with your current data. :-)


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