RE: interleaved ordering (was RE: Phoenician)

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri May 14 2004 - 08:13:04 CDT

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    At 08:05 -0400 2004-05-14, Dean Snyder wrote:

    > >> Why make something we do all the time more difficult and non-standard,
    > >> when what we do now works very well?

    What you do now is transliterate Phoenician text into Hebrew or Latin.

    > >Nobody plans to take away your rights and ability to continue
    > >doing what you now do, if it works very well for you. Please,
    >>sir, continue doing what you are doing with your current data. :-)
    >It's incredible to me that you and others keep repeating this
    >mantra, ignoring the fact (repeated for the nth time) that we will
    >all be forced, in our separate research projects, to deal with
    >MULTIPLE, COMPETING encodings.

    You already do that, since Hebrew and Latin are "competing" encodings.

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