Re: interleaved ordering (was RE: Phoenician)

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Fri May 14 2004 - 21:59:07 CDT

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    Kenneth Whistler a écrit :

    [on slow implementation of some collations by certain manufacturers and
    service providers]

    >And the answer is to democratize the approach.
    I agree on the ideal solution, it has independently been mentioned to
    some large manufacturer's technical respresentative who seems also to
    agree on this, but he is not the decision maker.

    > One shouldn't be
    >demanding that The Borg centrally define and implement all uses
    >for all users, so that users simply dial Channel 621 and then
    >sit there passively assimilating and get dished up their content.
    >Instead, the users should demand of The Borg that user-definable
    >requirements be supported actively, so that the *people* get
    >to define what they do and how it is done at the point they
    >interact with the software.
    It has actively been requested (for Canada for a few years and even
    prospectfully for Tifinagh), it is a slow moving boat and I'm not sure
    all manufacturers and service providers can be convinced, some of them
    holding a virtual monopoly in the OS market or the search engine one.
    Though I must admit I don't quite see what they would relinquish or lose
    by allowing users to tailor collations.

    P. A.

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