Re: Multiple Directions (was: Re: Coptic/Greek (Re: Phoenician))

From: John Cowan (
Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 09:12:50 CDT

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    Andrew C. West scripsit:

    > Thus, if "tb-lr" were supported, your browser would display the
    > following HTML line as vertical Mongolian with embedded Ogham reading
    > top-to-bottom, but in a plain text editor, the Mongolian and Ogham
    > would both read LTR, and everyone would be happy :

    I don't know about that. I wouldn't be too happy trying to read English
    with the Latin letters laid out bt-rl and lying on their left sides to boot.
    On paper is one thing, but on a non-rotatable screen? I don't think so.

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    fishes, for a poor creature, and they say death.  So wise they are; so just,
    so very just."  --Gollum

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