Re: ISO-15924 script nodes and UAX#24 script IDs

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 13:28:18 CDT

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    From: "Philippe Verdy" <>
    > I know that now ISO15924 publishes 4-letter codes for scripts used in
    > Bibliographic references and that it contains more scritps than in Unicode as
    > ISO-15924 needs separate codes for variants that are unified for Unicode
    > encoding.
    > (...)
    > For these scripts, does Unicode need to define its own script ID?
    > Or shouldn't simply Unicode deprecate script IDs in favor of ISO-15924 codes?
    > This may be important because UAX#24 is a normative reference in the W3C CSS3
    > specification, and may be the existing Unicode IDs should become aliases of
    > ISO-15924 codes.

    I sent exactly the same request to the administrative Unicode report form, with
    an additional comment related to script code stability (important for documents
    created and styled with CSS3)...

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