Re: Response to Everson Phoenician and why June 7?

From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 16:58:12 CDT

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    I would respecfully suggest that Dr. Stephen A. Kaufman will need to come up
    with a more convincing or (and probably and) professional argument than this
    one if he wants it to be taken seriously by people who have a very good
    understanding of both Unicode and glyphs, and who further have a serious set
    of requirements that suggest that Dr. Kaufman's needs may be the same as the
    needs of others who would like the script to be encoded.

    I doubt neither Dr. Kaufman's expertise nor reputation, but it is clear that
    the actual stated requirements have not been discussed, nor has any specific
    problem inherent in the encoding been stated by him. He should consider that
    if on one side sits convincing arguments and on the other side sits his
    brief posting that it is unlikely that his words will sway the committee.

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    > Elaine Keown
    > Tucson
    > Hi,
    > I include below the response of
    > Prof. Stephen A. Kaufman, one of the world's most
    > famous Aramaists, to the Everson Phoenician proposal:
    > Dr. Stephen A. Kaufman wrote (on the ANE list
    > recently):
    > > Anyone who thinks there has to be a separate
    > > encoding for Phoenician either does not understand
    > > Unicode or (and probably "and") does not understand
    > > what a glyph is. There are already encodings
    > > suitable for all varieties of Northwest Semitic
    > > scripts. One can legitimately argue, as some have,
    > > that there are still some problems with the Hebrew
    > > and Syriac encodings, but not that we need anything
    > > more for the other NW Semitic languages other than
    > >some nice FONTS!
    > >
    > >Steve Kaufman
    > Why did Debbie suggest June 7 as a the latest date for
    > responses?
    > Elaine
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