RE: ISO 15924 "code"s and "ID"s

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Thu May 20 2004 - 14:02:41 CDT

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    > >Calling the other thing "Property Value Alias" would solve the
    > >problem, but it really ought to be defined somewhere;
    > The heading links to it.

    Not good enough: the plain-text file does not contain links. (Beside the
    fact that I cannot find the supposed link you refer to.)

    > >and since it's not mentioned in the standard, then it's status must
    > >be informative, and that should be indicated.
    > I invite suggestions as to where and how.

    Well, how about as comments in the plain-text file and on the HTML

    "The Property Value Alias is defined as part of the Unicode Standard and
    is provided here as informative information to show how entries in the
    ISO 15924 code table relate to script names defined in Unicode."

    Or substitute whatever text describes *why* these are being shown here.
    You've got to say *something* about them, else it's completely unclear
    whether the reader is supposed to care about them or not, and what
    they're supposed to be used for.

    Peter Constable
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