Re: Phoenician and software development

From: E. Keown (
Date: Fri May 21 2004 - 13:15:10 CDT

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              Elaine Keown

    Dear Bob Richmond:

    At last, a helpful suggestion!!!

    > 4. Many users of ancient scripts are not specialists
    > in all (or any) of the scripts they want to work
    > with. Software needs to recognise this and provide

    This is true---absolutely. But since all of the early
    sets of glyphs are so variable, I really don't see how
    adding a 3rd 22-letter script would help.

    Unicode already has FOUR Semitic alphabetic blocks
    already: TWO 22-letter Semitic scripts and TWO 28/29
    letter Semitic scripts....

    > If 'Phoenician' really is not a distinctive script,
    > contrary to appearances, what we need is a fully
    > reasoned argument for this and a proposal for how
    > Phoenician should be treated as a variant of the
    > Hebrew script in Unicode applications.
    > Is one of the proponents of this view
    > prepared to produce a document for discussion before
    > June 7th?

    This is an interesting idea.

    But first, I would like to hear from Bob Richmond
    about why he thinks Phoenician needs more than, say, 6
    fonts. That's what I don't get at all.

    There are hundreds of fonts for English, and computer
    manufacturers support all of them.

    There are dozens of fonts for Hebrew. And computer
    manufacturers support some of them.

    If 6 good fonts for Phoenician are developed, most
    universities would purchase one and install it.
    Voila, Phoenician for the <1% of students that care.


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