Re: Response to Everson Phoenician and why June 7?

From: E. Keown (
Date: Sat May 22 2004 - 17:14:18 CDT

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             Elaine Keown

    Dear James Kass:

    > His posting as it appeared on the Unicode list was
    > offensive. I thought
    > Michael Kaplan did a fine job of responding to it.

    The posting on the Unicode list IS ENTIRELY MY
    FAULT....I copied Prof. Kaufman's response off the ANE
    list and (really stupidly) put it onto the Unicode

    Michael Kaplan pointed out to me that I really
    shouldn't have done that.....he's right...I'm far too
    impulsive, and I have a bad temper.

    Prof. Kaufman chose to forgive me---really
    magnanimous, I thought--and wrote me back re stuff.

    I got hysterical--or perhaps I should say, continued
    to be hysterical--because I thought no one on the
    Unicode list was listening (even to Dean Snyder, a
    very serious expert) and I thought maybe you all would
    listen to Kaufman....he does have the 2nd-largest
    Semitic database in the world at this point.

    it's not long now till June 15, Markham.....

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