Re: Proposal to encode dominoes and other game symbols

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 12:22:35 CDT

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    > > This would be the Major Arcana?
    >Yes. AFAIK that term is relatively recent, ca. 1900; "trump" (i.e. "triumph")
    >goes back to the Tarot's origin around 1450.

    Trump seems to mean something else in English these days.

    >On dominoes: I agree that there is no plain-text distinction between domino

    Figure 1 shows a distinction being made.

    >and that it is appropriate to code each domino only once.

    I disagree.

    >It would even be possible to code each half-domino only once.

    Oh, come on. That is a kludge. Keep it simple.

    >If this is not done, I also agree that a single convention such as
    >low-end-leftmost should be chosen so that CSS glyph rotation will
    >produce consistent results.

    CSS glyph rotation? I am astonished. We have not done that with the
    multitude of arrows we have encoded. Why would you want to make this
    into a script with complex rendering, John?

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