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Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 16:18:09 CDT

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    > Archaic Greek exhibits variable glyph stance, that is, glyphs can be

    > flipped horizontally or even vertically, usually dependent upon the

    > direction of the writing stream.


    > How should variable glyph stance for the same characters in the same

    > script be dealt with in Unicode and in a Unicode proposal?


    If you're talking about what happens in boustrophedon text,








    then I'd treat it as a presentation issue, not an encoding issue. IMO,
    it would be a serious problem if you have to encode an alpha using a
    distinct character just because it happened to come (with a given text
    size and page metrics) on the RTL run of boustrophedon layout rather
    than a LTR run. At the *very most*, you might propose control characters
    that can be used to distinguish whether characters in a given run of
    text should be rotated or mirrored if part of a RTL line, but even there
    I would be inclined to leave that to higher-level processing and


    If you're talking about variations among archaic documents in how
    particular letters are written, apart from line direction issues, e.g.








    then you might have a case for proposing variation-selector sequences.






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