Re: New Public Review Issue posted

Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 16:57:43 CDT

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    Rick McGowan scripsit:
    > The Unicode Technical Committee has posted a new issue for public
    > review and comment. Details are on the following web page:

    I have prepared a draft DiacriticFolding.txt file for this issue; it is
    temporarily available at .
    This was prepared by looking for lines in UnicodeData that matched
    the regex '(GREEK|LATIN|CYRILLIC|HEBREW).*WITH'. (I added Hebrew to the
    set of scripts specified by the current draft of #30.)

    Characters with decompositions were mapped into the base character of the
    decomposition; characters without decompositions were mapped by name.
    The file contains
    a list of 32 characters matching the pattern which did not seem to me
    to be suitable for diacritic folding.

    I have posted a short version of this note to the Unicode comment form.


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