Re: [hebrew] Re: Auxiliary pashta, was: MCW encoding of Hebrew

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 07:45:54 CDT

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    From: "Peter Kirk" <>
    > As John has declined to make a proposal, I will explore myself what
    > might be necessary. First we need to investigate the current situation.

    Wow! Impressive message.
    But if you could copy/paste it into a rich format document (Word or similar),
    where you would present it, correct the minor typos, and add visual examples, it
    would be easier to understand.

    As a general guid for this document, it needs a section related to definitions
    (prepositive, postpositive accents, and their list, with their normal placement
    rules, and their current encoding, plus a note index that refer to the sections
    where this encoding is ambiguous.

    Also there should be a comparative table that exhibit the current encodings and
    the new proposed encodings, with sample renderings.

    If you propose several solutions, make them clearly separate then discuss the
    merits or complexities of these solutions.

    Compile it into a downloadable document, or print it to a PDF (the "CutePDF
    printer" driver is so easy to use) that can be read online in its final form.

    This is what the UTC is waiting for really working on resolution. The MCW
    encoding seems to be agreed as the base for correct encoding of Hebrew. If so a
    proposal should exist to allow a non-ambiguous roundtrip conversion between MCW
    and Unicode, so that Unicode would become the prefered standard.

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