RE: [BULK] - Re: Phoenician, Fraktur etc

From: Mike Ayers (
Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 12:59:41 CDT

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    > We should not be fighting our corners, but instead looking
    > for a solution which is acceptable to all parties.

            I must respectfully disagre here. While your proposition cannot be
    faulted for ideals, it has been historically demonstrated as unviable (and
    here I refer to human history more than Unicode history). What we really
    need is the solution which best serves all parties. If one or more (or
    heck, even all) of the parties are dissatisfied with the solution, but the
    solution fully enables their needs (or wants), then it is a good solution.
    Dissatisfaction fades, but useless is forever.


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