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Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 15:42:39 CDT

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    > From: John Hudson []
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    > I don't doubt that nodes had 'conceptual validity' in the ancient
    community, but what
    > was the concept?

    That is, indeed, a separate question, and I purposefully did not say
    more than "the nodes have conceptual validity".

    > Of course the term 'font variant' is anachronistic, but Simon's
    observation captures
    > the
    > essence of the shift from seeing two styles of the same semtitic
    script to seeing two
    > different scripts. If nothing else, this should help us understand why
    any insistence on
    > the identity of these scripts as being either obviously unified or
    obviously distinct is
    > unlikely to get us anywhere. The identity very much depends on the
    perspective of
    > the
    > observer.

    That, more than anything else in this discussion, is clear.

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