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Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 18:25:20 CDT

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    > Since this interests me a bit more than the Phoenician thread...
    > What do you consider vertical bidi, and why should it not be in
    > Unicode?

            "Vertical bidi" refers to the mixing of top to bottom(TTB) and
    bottom to top(BTT) (note ironic mirrored nature of acronyms, which is
    unintentional, and therefore all the more delicious) scripts in a vertical
    layout. We had significant disussion of this issue. I was not able to
    follow all of it, but what I noted was that it lead to several people trying
    to determine a plausible case in which vertical bidi would be needed. I am
    not certain what the conclusion was there - anyone?

            In any case, you could generally use the standard bidi algorithm for
    vertical bidi by simply defining a reference direction. There may have been
    more to it than that - again, I don't quite recall fully. Once it became
    clear that a case of vertical bidi would only arise if someone forced the
    issue, I lost interest.


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