Re: Updated Phoenician proposal: confidential?

From: Christopher Fynn (
Date: Sat May 29 2004 - 21:49:15 CDT

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    Peter Kirk wrote:

    > Rick, I apologise to you. You obviously are doing all that is
    > reasonable to publish this document ASAP. I'm not so sure about
    > apologising to Mr Everson; I would first like an explanation from him
    > of why this updated version has not been made available at
    > along with his other formal
    > submissions. If the explanation is a polite one that he waits until
    > the proposal is on the WG2 document register before he adds it to his
    > web page, that will be sufficient.

    I fail to understand why you think Michael Everson is obliged to post a
    link to a revised proposal on his *personal * web site almost the
    instant he submits such a document to WG2 - or explain to you or anyone
    else why such a link is not there. It simply *is not* a requirement
    that people who submit proposals to WG2 or UTC have to provide a link to
    such documents from their own personal web pages. If you couldn't find
    the document in the WG2 document directory, how was Michael supposed to
    provide a link to it until it was posted there by the person who
    maintains that site? - even then it is unreasonable for you to expect
    him to update his own website right away (or even at all) - or for you
    to expect him to provide an explanation if he doesn't.

    Anyway if it is a simple revision of a recently submitted document
    chances are the new version may simply replace the old and not be
    assigned a new document number and file name - in which case the old
    link will work.

    Also you cannot *expect* "more than wording added to the block
    introduction" or anything at all - If you want something along these
    lines, make a submission to the editors of TUS who are responsible for
    what goes in the block intro - and to the UTC or iso14651 if you have a
    proposal about the collation of these characters - don't make demands.
    Decisions on these things (block intro / collation) are usually made
    only after it has been decided to encode the characters themselves.

    - Chris

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