RE: Updated Phoenician proposal: confidential?

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Wed Jun 02 2004 - 14:03:56 CDT

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    > > "As the universal character encoding scheme, the Unicode Standard
    > > also respond to scholarly needs. To preserve world cultural
    > > important archaic scripts are encoded as proposals are developed."
    > > (1.1.2)
    > Well, the Phoenician proposal fits with the second sentence here, but
    > seems to have totally ignored the first sentence: the scholarly needs
    > expressed by the majority of scholars of the proposed script as
    > on this list have apparently been rejected as irrelevant.

    This is utterly false. It assumes a premise that is completely invalid:
    that the only want to accommodate the need of Semitic scholars is to
    reject a proposal for distinct encoding of PH. It has repeatedly been
    stated / explained / demonstrated that distinct encoding of PH does not
    imply that the needs of Semitic cannot be served.

    > I am glad of
    > this clear statement that the standard *must* respond to scholarly
    > needs, and I trust that this imperative will be taken into account by
    > the UTC in its discussions.

    It most certainly will. But that necessity in no way eliminates the
    possibility of encoding PH as a distinct set of characters.

    Peter Constable

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