Re: Updated Phoenician proposal: confidential?

From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Wed Jun 02 2004 - 19:04:20 CDT

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    Rick McGowan wrote:

    > Peter Kirk wrote...
    >> ... I suppose he didn't want to put his proposal at risk by
    >> describing how the user community was, at least in part, opposed to
    >> the proposal.
    > That imputes to him a motive that I doubt he had. My impression is
    > that Michael didn't know there would be such violent opposition, or
    > indeed *any* opposition, when he posted it.

    Even without knowing Michael's personality, it's silly to imply that he
    would deceive or mislead the user community in order to lessen
    objections to a proposal by this means. If he actually wanted to slip
    something past the general public, he'd simply propose it directly to
    the UTC and not announce it *at all* on this list (there's no obligation
    for him to do so). The fact that he announced anything at all here
    right away contradicts any presumption that he was trying to slip things
    in under the radar, since he went out of his way to announce it.

    Can we drop this, and drop the personal attacks, please? We're all
    trying to get something done here, and we don't agree on all of it,
    perhaps, but (baselessly) accusing people doesn't accomplish anything
    except raising tempers. In the immortal words of Star Wars, "Stay on


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