Re: Semitic scripts and script variants, was: Updated Phoenician proposal: confidential?

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Thu Jun 03 2004 - 11:57:19 CDT

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    At 05:14 AM 6/3/2004, Peter Kirk wrote:
    >My first thought is that a variant script selector might be defined, which
    >applies until cancelled or overridden, on the analogy of RLO...PDF. But I
    >guess others will object to this. Does anyone have any other suggestions
    >for how Unicode can support script variants, apart from encoding them as
    >completely separate scripts?

    Stateful controls do not belong in plain text. There are very few
    exceptions to that general rule, but variant indication is definitely not
    one of them.

    I think it's up to you to develop a workable alternative to parallel
    coding, if you think that would be preferable.

    As the discussion has gone on for a long time on the list and has involved
    only a small number of participants, I suggest that you contact the
    interested parties offline.


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