Re: Roman (and other) numismatic marks

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Date: Wed Jun 09 2004 - 04:40:47 CDT

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    On 2004.06.09, 08:40, Doug Ewell <> wrote:

    > More importantly, mint marks, like currency signs, are indivisible
    > entities. They aren't just ordinary letters with a combining mark,
    > the way Ñ is just an N with a tilde over it.

    «Ñ is just an N with a tilde over it» from a typographical point of
    view (just like mint marks).

    More: in Portuguese, f.i., "ó" is indeed «just an "o" with an acute
    over it», and the acute comes and goes within the same cognate family
    ("órgão" but "organista", e.g.). In Polish, OTOH, "ó" and "o" are two
    completely distinct letters.

    What now -- should Portuguese texts be set with U+006F U+0301 and
    Polish texts with U+00F3...?

    (BTW: what about cattle iron brand marks? ;-)

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