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From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Thu Jun 10 2004 - 00:42:30 CDT

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    At 09:11 PM 6/9/2004, Ernest Cline wrote:

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    > > Practice your tongue-twisting.
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    > > Proposal to add Bantu phonetic click characters to the UCS
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    >work for the script capital Q? At the very least I feel that should
    >be explained.

    Good point. After all we don't distinguish between superscript two used for
    the square or in linguistic notation, (except of course that in true
    mathematical documents one would use formatting for the superscript).

    The mathematical script capital Q has no formal case mapping to
    mathematical script small q as case transformation would normally change
    the meaning of a mathematical text. Neither does the proposed character, so
    this disunification needs to have a rationale.

     From the recent sets of phonetic extensions it can be seen that linguists
    are almost as inventive as mathematicians in pressing into service any odd
    piece of metal found in their publishers' type catalogues. Except that they
    tend to focus on things that look more or less like letters, whereas it's
    'anything goes' for mathematicians.


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