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Date: Thu Jun 10 2004 - 11:04:11 CDT

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    At 08:36 -0700 2004-06-10, Peter Constable wrote:

    >Don't you think the fact that P&L don't show them might suggest that, in
    >fact, authors today *don't* particularly use them?

    Not necessarily. Indeed, they do quote the name chu: with STRETCHED
    C, and with both diacritics, the TILDE for nasalization (which is
    standard) and the CARON BELOW for the rising tone (which is not). So
    Pullum and Ladusaw are *using* Doke's orthography. If they wanted to
    show a different word in that orthography they would have to use one
    of Doke's other letters.

    >I looked through many publications last year searching for attested
    >phonetic symbols not yet encoded, and while my search wasn't
    >specifically focused on Africanist usage, I did go through a number
    >of Africanist items and never once saw any of these.

    Big world, isn't it? There's all those non-Slavic Cyrillic characters
    which haven't turned up again either.

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