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Date: Thu Jun 10 2004 - 12:50:50 CDT

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    Michael Everson scripsit:

    > You have a weird view of the history of phonetics, John. You haven't
    > addressed the substantive issue: these are Latin characters used to
    > represent sounds which in 1925 could not easily be represented.

    And never have been represented thus since. In their day, there were
    probably a lot more documents using LATIN CAPITAL LETTER ANTISIGMA
    and LATIN CAPITAL LETTER H LEFT HALF than one, yet they are not
    encoded either. (Though LATIN CAPITAL LETTER TURNED F is.)

    > Indeed, there are click letters like the STRETCHED C
    > which did get into IPA and were later deprecated. So you can
    > represent the STRETCHED C in chu: as Doke writes it (as do Pullum and
    > Ladusaw, using Doke's diacritics as well) but you can't represent
    > Doke's other letters? This doesn't make sense.

    It makes sense because others used STRETCHED C (and indeed it was
    part of the standard for a while), but no one has used OWL before or since.

    John Cowan
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