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Date: Thu Jun 10 2004 - 16:08:03 CDT

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    A person who wishes to remain anonymous wrote:

    >Aw, c'mon Michael. The differences in regional inflections of the
    >duck language should be handled with higher level protocols, such as
    >markup. Since virtually all ducks live in a pre-literate society and
    >since virtually all (human legible) documents transcribed from duck
    >use scripts already encoded into the UCS, I don't see the need to
    >encode fanciful custom orthographies put forward by certain swans,
    >geese, and other malcontents. Certainly the need for combining
    >levels of wetness (in some of the proposed encodings) is
    >disconcerting and possibly impractical.
    >I would not be surprised, however, to shortly see a registration
    >request from certain waterfowl associations for their own language
    >tag. Given the need for a 5 letter subtag, perhaps the English
    >transcription of the language name is appropriate. Hmm...
    ><x xml:lang="quack-GB-x-cornwall">quack, quack, honk, etc...</x>

    Thank you all for enjoying discussion of something besides Phoenician.

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