RE: Bantu click letters

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Thu Jun 10 2004 - 16:46:07 CDT

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    At 01:04 PM 6/10/2004, Peter Constable wrote:
    > > That doesn't mean that we stop asking all the hard questions, but that
    > > allow a presumption of usefulness for characters that were in
    > > use over some time and by several authors.
    >But it is precisely that status that is called into question here.
    >Unless your definition of "several" is '>=1'.

    I realize that. However, sometimes we have single citations where
    we don't believe (for other reasons) that they are the only existing
    ones, just the only ones found so far.

    Then there is the issue brought up by D. Starner: is a work sufficiently
    interesting that digital archivers like Project Gutenberg would be interested
    in it. I don't have an opinion on the merits of this particular set of
    characters, but I suspect there are many Han characters that equally
    represent nonce usage...


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