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Date: Thu Jun 10 2004 - 21:30:16 CDT

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    > Reprinting the book brings with it the potential for its special
    > characters to gain currency, even if only in the context of discussing

    > the book.

    Um, Mike, let's get real. Linguists have had 80 years of opportunity
    during which Doke's writings have been accessible and Khoisan phonology
    has held at least some measure of interest, if for no other purpose than
    as material used by phonetics teachers and authors of books that teach
    phonetics who need to provide comprehensive coverage of phonetic symbols
    for the world's speech sounds. And during that time, they have *not*
    been using these symbols of Doke's for any purpose. A reprint of his
    1926 book isn't going to suddenly change that.

    Peter Constable

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