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From: Peter Constable (
Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 10:42:26 CDT

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    > > > U+0251 U+0361 U+0302 U+028A as given by BabelMap+Code2000 (see

    > > > attached) is not productively different from U+0251

    > > > U+0302 U+0361 U+028A (see attached)...


    > Following the "inside-out" rule, the first sequence should render

    > correctly,


    Don't forget canonical equivalence (I forgot about this as well): the
    double-width diacritics have a combining class of 234 rather than 230.
    This means that 0251 0361 0302 028A is canonically equivalent to 0251
    0302 0361 028A. Therefore, the first (for better or worse) should appear
    just the way Doulos SIL renders it.


    The only way to stack a diacritic on top of a double-width diacritic is
    to use another double-width diacritic. (Unfortunately, that wasn't
    anticipated when Doulos SIL was being developed. Wouldn't have been hard
    to support, though.)




    Peter Constable

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