2nd attempt: final_sigma vs final_cased

From: Theo Veenker (Theo.Veenker@let.uu.nl)
Date: Mon Jun 21 2004 - 01:49:39 CDT

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    Is there somebody out there who can answer this question?

    Casing context Final_Sigma is being used in SpecialCasing.txt, but its
    specification is no longer present in the standard (at least I can't
    find it). Obviously this context is now called Final_Cased, but the
    specification for Final_Cased (section 3.13) is not identical to that
    of Final_Sigma (UAX 21, superseded).

    regexp Final_Cased:
    Before C [{cased=true}][{wordBoundary!=true}]*
    After C !([{wordBoundary!=true}]*[{cased=true}])

    regexp Final_Sigma:
    Before C <cased> <case-ignorable>*
    After C !(<case-ignorable>* <cased>)

    Is the old specification of Final_Sigma still valid for determining
    the final sigma casing context, or are there situations where it
    is inadequate? What I mean is are these specification actually
    the same WRT final sigma?


    PS. I sometimes have the feeling that I'm on the wrong list here.
         Most discussions are about characters, almost never about
         implementation issues. Is there a unicode developers list
         perhaps that I'm unaware of?

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