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Date: Tue Jun 22 2004 - 11:19:17 CDT

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    The characters you mention exist in Unicode.

    They are:


    (those are the lowercase letters, the uppercase versions are 1 less than the lowercase, so capital O with macron is U+014C). I've typed them into this message so you can play with fonts:


    These are all in the Latin Extended-A block. See p 167 of Unicode 4.0. Many fonts include these characters. Since you mention Windows XP, if you have Microsoft Office you can install the Arial Unicode MS font that contains nearly all of the characters in the first plane of Unicode. If you want to find other fonts, you can use the Character Map utility to explore the character ranges supplied by various fonts on your system.

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      I apologize for a simple question, but after a few hours of “research” I don’t seem to be able to find the characters needed. I’m trying to scan a Latin text that uses a bar over the vowels to indicate long sounds. Do these characters exist in Unicode?


      If so, would anyone know from where a Windows XP font containing these five characters could be download?

      Again sorry for such a simple question when I know more weighty questions are addressed in this forum.


      Joe Speroni



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